Five centers of expertise:
autonomous and complementary.

We strengthen brand image in a variety of ways.
Our structure consists of five autonomous, complementary centers of expertise.
This helps us work in different sectors and respond more quickly and effectively to each client’s requests.

Understanding each client’s commercial and marketing objectives is the first step in proposing winning communication strategies and complementary actions. This center of expertise uses a graphic design studio that transforms strategies into effective tools.

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Communication
  • Online Communication
  • Media Planning
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Product Communication
  • Events and Trade Fairs

Brochure “creative agency pocket book”

Agency Gallery

This production workshop has specialized in every aspect of searching for materials and producing innovative, practical solutions. The team’s technical prowess and creativity is ensured by decorators, designers, large-format digital printing technicians, and specialized assemblymen for layouts and structures of various kind. This center of expertise serves our agency and is also a valid partner for other communication agencies and graphic studios.

  • Signage and Orientation Systems
  • Totems
  • Banners, Billboards, Mega-posters
  • Bus and Vehicle Decoration
  • Flags and Inflatables
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Worksite Signage
  • Set-ups and Decoration
  • Stands and Events

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Service Gallery

This Center is dedicated to the supply of customizable, stand-alone display elements for temporary communication needs (Sales Outlets, Show-Rooms, Stands, Events, …).
Every solution is solid, practical, and functional. Emphasis is placed on structures that are easy to transport and assemble.

Click on the two catalogs below for a better idea of the assortment.

Download the EXPO B Service Display catalog (pdf)

Download the “Display” catalog (pdf)

This is our Center that procures and manages exclusive advertising space for mid-to-large size sign and billboard campaigns. Strategic locations throughout Italian Swiss territory guarantee the greatest visibility and personalized planning of local and international advertising campaigns.

This Center uses drones for professional aerial photography (stills and videos) to offer clients high-definition footage with strong emotional impact.
Serving a variety of clients with different needs (builders, realtors, insurance companies, industry, tourism), its specialties include live coverage of sports and institutional events.

Our most successful projects can be inspected on request.

Our objectives:
visibility and memorability